Miller Environmental Corporation


Vacuum Truck


Miller Environmental operates a fleet of vacuum trucks providing support to our Industrial Services group. The fleet consists of both carbon steel and stainless-steel pressure vessels tandem and tri-axel trucks allowing Miller to manage a wide range of liquid, sludge and dry chemical streams that are both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Miller Environmental offers

Our clients our vacuum trucks for a wide range of settings, from small garages pumping used oil monthly, to weekly tank pump outs for our industrial clients, to unexpected middle of the night emergency services. Miller has you covered.

Some of the materials that Miller can take include:

- Contaminated waters, such as hydrocarbons or metals
- Spent solvents
- Fuels, including gasoline and diesel
- Spent acids and caustic solutions
- Sump pit sludges
- Used Oil and Glycol

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Miller provides comprehensive environmental management solutions to a wide range of industry and public sector organizations delivering on-time and on budget service to our customers. Services include, but are not limited to: