Miller Environmental Corporation



Miller oversees the management of “special projects” ranging up to 10,000,000 kilograms equivalent of waste. Our customer service team must demonstrate daily flexibility in the accommodation and scheduling to meet the needs of our customers. At Miller we take pride in the partnerships we have established and continue to maintain with our customers. Miller is viewed as more than a waste management service provider; we are often called upon to provide technical advice, training, engineering, design, and consultation services.

Vac Truck Services

Miller has stainless steel and carbon steel vacuum trucks to service our clients needs. Vacuum trucks are available 24/7 and can haul up to 10,000L per load.


Tank Cleaning Services

Miller has developed a specialized Industrial Site Services team to provide customers with essential tank cleaning services.  These types of services ensure our customers remain in operation and are necessary for the ongoing care and maintenance of their facility. Miller utilizes a combination of vacuum trucks and mobile pressure washer units to safely clean and access tanks. When required Miller staff are licensed and trained for confined entry using SCBA / SABA units to complete the work safely.  Members of the Industrial Site Services team are part of the ER service team.