Miller Environmental Corporation


Industrial Waste Treatment


Miller Environmental operates a licensed processing facility, known as the Vaughn Bullough Environmental Centre (VBEC), on a 160-acre footprint with the capacity and capability to receive large volumes of waste. The site includes multiple process buildings, outside lined processing cells as well as an onsite repository for final disposal of treated and inerted materials.

VBEC’s ability

To treat industrial organic and inorganic waste both in liquid and solid forms at one location provides a unique benefit in the overall management of incoming streams. Waste can be received in all container sizes from pails to bulk truck loads. Miller Environmental profiles all incoming waste and evaluates whether the waste can be recycled or repurposed within other onsite processes.

Some of our treatment processes include:

- Inorganic Waste processing
- Aqueous waste processing
- Liquid Organic Waste Processing
- Solid Organics Processing
- Recycling

Related Services

Miller provides comprehensive environmental management solutions to a wide range of industry and public sector organizations delivering on-time and on budget service to our customers. Services include, but are not limited to: